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Dynamic training with measurable results

TechMark is a proven executive education program for developing managers to be effective in a business world that is highly uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. A cross-industry training solution, TechMark tailors its programs according to different management styles and client cultures for global companies in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. TechMark is focused on enhancing clients’s strategic management and decision-making skills in order to help them adapt to today’s ever-changing global environment.

A simulation for today’s business environment

By simulating a mature business environment, TechMark programs place participants in a global market. In the TechMark world, executives participate in activities involving the whole organization — including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, accounting, and operations — and work to reach an established goal through teamwork. The programs deliver a great deal of today’s most current business knowledge and operational skills, such as analysis of a business environment, creation of market opportunities, financial analysis, capital operation, teamwork, strategic decision-making, and more.

Teamwork that works

TechMark combines relevant lectures, decision results analysis, and group decision making. Participants are usually middle-level and senior-level managers of a company. Each session typically includes 30 people and the program lasts for two and a half days. The learners are usually divided into five teams that compete with each other. In a dynamic market environment, each group goes through six rounds of decision-making activities covering R&D, manufacturing, and marketing. As in the real world, the team’s performance will be determined by the financial results and stock prices. Through this experience, participants learn to think on a company-wide rather than on a departmental basis, sharpen their analytical skills, and comprehend the core elements in corporate administration.

Thinking globally

As TechMark training has spread worldwide, we continually create new content in response to the needs of our multinational clients. TechMark now offers a value chain version for the service industry, a telecom version for large telecommunication companies, a version focused on economic value administration (EVA), and business versions tailored for different industries. Regardless which program you choose, each includes core competencies that are unique to TechMark.

Core competencies

  • Dynamic learning: Unlike passive lecture-based programs, TechMark is a hands-on experience with role-playing and computer-based simulations. Participants are actively involved in decision-making situations and learn the consequences of their choices.
  • Holistic view: When managers can’t think beyond their departments, the whole company stagnates. In the TechMark environment, executives learn the interdependencies of all groups. They see how their decisions affect not only other departments, but also partners, suppliers, and customers.
  • Strategic and operational perspectives: There is often a chasm between the strategic thinking of executives and the operational thinking of middle managers. TechMark connects these two views, so everyone is working toward the same goals.

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