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Robert Eng

B.S., Boston College
M.B.A., Syracuse University
D.B.A., Indiana University

Dr. Eng’s areas of expertise include: marketing, the emerging Chinese consumer market, high technology marketing, market analysis, and market planning.

Robert J. Eng, Babson Leadership Professor of Marketing at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA, consults in the areas of high technology marketing and business in Greater China and has been founder or a member of the board of directors for several American and Chinese startup companies. A 1997 Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Eng has taught in and developed materials for executive programs for multinational companies. He is currently writing a book on the economic and business environment of China.

Dr. Eng teaches courses at the Tsinghua University Graduate School of Economics and Management, the Beijing University Guanghua School of Management, and the China Europe International Business School. He has conducted research, developed materials, and taught courses in international marketing and small business entrepreneurship. Dr. Eng’s publications and presentations focus on statistics, market research, modeling, market segmentation, and competitive structure.

Paul Mulligan

B.A., M.B.A., Boston University
Ph.D., Boston University

Dr. Mulligan’s areas of expertise include: information technology, operations, financial and professional services, and service operations strategy.

Dr. Mulligan spent 17 years in industry prior to beginning his academic career. The majority of his corporate experience is in the systems development and operations areas. Most recently, he served as Director of Systems Development and Vice President of Operations Research at Fidelity Investments.

Dr. Mulligan’s primary research interests are in technology and service industry management, with particular focus on the role of information technology in services process management, service operations strategy, and organizational transformation. Dr. Mulligan’s executive education experience includes programs with Fidelity Investments Retirement Services Company, Fidelity Capital, Lucent Technologies, Thompson Financial, the International Fund for Ireland, the Stockholm School of Economics, and the Master’s Program on Loyalty-based Management.

William C. Lawler

B.S., University of Connecticut
M.S., Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

Dr. Lawler focuses his teaching and research on the financial footprints of business unit strategy and the impact of new technologies on cost systems design. His areas of expertise include accounting, cost managerial accounting, and management accounting.

Dr. Lawler has authored several papers and given numerous professional presentations. His primary focus is on helping operational managers understand the financial consequences of their decisions, and has run many seminars on this topic. He consults with a number of companies, ranging from small biotechs to Fortune 100 computer companies, concerning the design and use of cost information systems for management decision support as opposed to external financial reporting. His most recent publication in this area are chapters on activity-based accounting and profit planning for the third edition of The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting.

Ken Matsuno

B.A., Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo)
B.S., University of Oregon
M.B.A., University of Virginia
Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Dr. Matsuno’s areas of expertise include: Japanese markets, competitive strategy, global marketing, market orientation, market strategy, technology, and product strategy.

Dr. Matsuno has taught courses in Babson’s integrated first year MBA program, marketing strategy, marketing communications, international marketing, and marketing research. He has also been a faculty member in the executive programs for clients including DSM, Novartis, Toshiba, and the Consortium for Information Technology Managers.

Prior to his academic career, Dr. Matsuno worked at C. Itoh Fashion Systems in Japan, and at Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. His research interests include marketing strategy, e-commerce, business-to-business relationships, and psychometrics in marketing. His published works can be found in the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, The International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, and several academic conference proceedings.

Nancy Faries

B.A., Boston University
M.P.A., University of Southern California
D.P.A., University of Southern California

Dr. Faries’ areas of expertise include: teamwork, organization behavior, organizational development, change, and change management. An adjunct professor at Babson College, she has developed and taught teamwork materials for TechMark programs since 2003.

Dr. Faries has 25 years of experience in building and managing teams noted for innovative and cost-effective project design and implementation. She is a consultant in organizational dynamics, teamwork, and project management. She has written and published extensively for national and international audiences.

She has received nine Presidential Awards as well as the Horace Hart Award for Excellence in Education from the National Education Foundation. She is collaborating with Dr. Robert Eng on a new book, Innovative Teamwork for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Polly Sun

B.S., Nanking University
M.B.A., Tsinghua University

Ms. Sun is Manager of Executive Education for Babson College in China. Since 1999, Ms. Sun has worked for Babson College and created a strategy for developing a Babson presence in China.

She has taught the TechMark program and high technology management team training to Intel, Lucent, Siemens, the China Europe International Business School, and Tsinghua University. Ms. Sun has also taught TechMark to several well-known Chinese companies, including Beijing Guohua Electrical Power, Shenzhen Changyuan New Materials Co., Ltd., China AeroSpace Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinfei Civil Aviation Economic Development Co., Ltd., Guangdong Songchuan Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Sieyuan Electrical Co., Ltd.

Previously, Ms. Sun served in the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management successively as vice director of the Training Office, chief market supervisor of the EMBA Program Office, and chief R&D supervisor of the executive education center.

Clare L. Zhang

M.B.A., Tsinghua University - MIT Sloan School of Management

Since 2001, Ms. Zhang has worked as Manager of Academic Affairs for Babson College in China, overseeing the promotion of education programs and helping Babson College develop relationships with universities as well as provincial and municipal governments.

Ms. Zhang has taught the TechMark Program for Tsinghua University as well as for several Chinese enterprises, including Beijing Guohua Electrical Power, Shenzhen Changyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. She has also helped deliverTechMark to Intel in the US, and to Siemens and Infineon in Germany.

Previously, Ms. Zhang worked as market promotion manager for the Harvard Executive Program at Tsinghua University. Prior to Tsinghua, she worked as chief market supervisor in Beijing Yingdi Economics and Trade Institute, and was responsible for promoting management programs in foreign universities to China.

Victor Lee

International M.B.A., Tsinghua University - MIT Sloan School of Management

Since 2003, Mr. Lee has taught TechMark for several Chinese enterprises including China Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinfei Civil Aviation Economic Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Changyuan New Materials Co., Ltd., Harbin Synjones Electronic Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Songchuan Co., Ltd.

Mr. Lee is highly experienced in corporate strategy, competitive strategy, and marketing management, with additional expertise in customer satisfaction, branding, and consumer behavior. As a consultant, he has done market analysis and sales analysis of a third-party calling center for a leading Beijing telecommunication corporation. His experience also includes process reproduction for a Dalian automobile manufacturer; developing a management system, creating a business plan, and handling overseas funding for a foreign invested healthcare company; and developing a strategy plan and sales management system for a privately owned healthcare company in Hebei.

Helen Chen

B.S., Shandong Architecture and Engineering Institute
M.B.A., Tsinghua University

Ms. Chen has worked as a consultant and senior trainer for the TechMark program since the Asia Institute at Babson was founded in 2000 and has taught TechMark at Tsinghua University and the China Europe International Business School. Her experience includes entrepreneurship, investment assessment, organizational restructuring, strategy implementation, marketing and sales, and acquisition.

Currently, Ms. Chen serves as vice president of operations in a telecommunication technology company, where she oversees the daily running of the entire enterprise. Under her leadership, this company designed, integrated, and implemented multiple projects including a transmission network, mobile tandem network, and local access network administration system for such clients as China Mobile, Chine Unicom, China Telecom, and CNC. Prior to that, Ms. Chen worked in an investment management company, where she was responsible for circulating funds and capital management.

Yubei Teng

B. of Business Administration, Babson College

Mr. Yubei has participated in TechMark training at Babson College since 1998 and at Tsinghua University and the China Europe International Business School since 2001, when TechMark was first taught in China.

Mr. Yubei currently serves as the financial service industry manager at Bearingpoint Consulting Company (former KPMG Consulting Group), where he is in charge of developing a value managing system solution for banking and other industries. He has published articles on the implementation of EVA systems in Chinese enterprises in Banker and other industry journals.

Previously, Mr. Yubei served as a senior financial analyst at New York-based Steward Stern Consulting Company. He participated in EVA system implementation projects at several American banks. These projects included building an effective economic value measurement system in business and product levels, and designing and developing a reasonable assessment system.

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