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Client feedback

Here’s what our clients say about the TechMark experience …

From North America and Europe, they have said ...

“With its in-depth global learning experience, TechMark helps managers see all sectors of a multinational business with a clear focus.”

— Antonie Jakubetzki
Program Director
Siemens Advanced Management Program

“TechMark is a great way for companies to better understand the full breadth of business issues required to be competitive in today’s ever changing business environment. The content is fast-paced and educational, and the professors are thorough and entertaining.”

— Toni Clayton Hine
Managing Director,
CMP Institute for Partner Education & Development

“While many companies focus on one aspect of executive training, TechMark combines it all. It’s the perfect vehicle for understanding and experiencing how a company works. Our people walk out of the course saying, ‘This was great fun and an extraordinary learning experience.’”

— Manuela Schuster
Head of Executive Education
Infineon Technologies AG

From China, we’ve heard ...

“TechMark enhanced our strategic decision-making capability. We now study the market from an overall perspective instead of a limited view, such as R & D, product positioning, market positioning, capital, and stock turnover.”

— President of Shanghai Bailian Group Co., Ltd.

“The simulation is so close to reality; it is filled with competition and challenge. It is an excellent program. I learned many things: first, shared decision-making is vital; second, strategy is essential; third, we should be cautious when implementing strategy; and fourth, we should know both ourselves and the competition.”

— Vice President
Shanghai Aolian Glass Company Ltd.

“I learned that the business should be run from the aspect of long-term interest, which involves a number of accounting standards, including ROE and ROA in particular. Market decisions should be made with a gaming spirit and resourcefulness. Teamwork spirit, and cooperation can determine success or failure in operating a business.”

— Chairman of the Board
Shanghai Sieyuan Electrical Company Ltd.

“I now see that strategy determines everything. Through TechMark, we learned the importance of scientific decision-making, the spirit of teamwork, and the significance of process management.”

— EMBA student
China Europe International Business School

“Through the simulation, we clearly saw the significance of the whole team. The whole decision-making process kept us thinking about how to get the highest output with the least production cost, and about the influence of each index on the results. This program fostered our market thinking and made it clear to us that the price of the product is not the only decisive factor.”

— Participant
Intensive Business Administration Program
Tsinghua University

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